Bus Protocols

The following rules apply to all school bus passengers

Before getting on the bus (at school and at designated bus stops)

  • Be on time at your designated stop (it is recommended that your child is at their bus stop 5 minutes before pick up, in case the bus is a little ahead of schedule)
  • Stay off the road or street at all times while waiting for the bus, and do not interfere with other students waiting at the bus stop
  • Stay visible (no hiding behind cars or signs) while waiting for the bus, and do not interfere with other students waiting at the bus stop
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus

Once the bus is in motion, the bus has been missed – do not chase after the bus in an attempt to catch it. It is not the responsibility of the bus driver to wait at the bus stop if a child is late boarding the bus – if they miss the bus, they will have to find alternate transportation to school.

While on the bus

  • Passengers must keep their hands and head inside the bus at all times
  • The volume level must be kept to acceptable volume – rudeness, profanity and/or obscene insinuation are prohibited
  • Bothering other passengers is not allowed
  • No defacing or tampering with the bus or its equipment
  • Books, packages, coats and other objects are to be kept out of the aisle – backpacks are to be taken off and placed on the passenger’s lap or seat while in motion
  • Seating on the school bus will be decided by the driver, and must be followed
  • Use of radios, iPhones, or other musical equipment is not permitted
  • Passengers will not throw anything out of the bus
  • Wastepaper and garbage must not be discarded on the bus
  • In the case of an emergency, passengers are to remain seated unless directed to leave by the driver
  • Emergency evacuation will be directed by the driver – senior passengers are expected to assume appropriate leadership and assist younger passengers
  • Smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited
  • Passengers must remain in their seats while the bus is in transit

Leaving the bus

  • If necessary to cross the road, cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus only after checking to be sure that no traffic is approaching from either direction
  • Maintain eye contact with the driver when leaving the bus to ensure a safe departure
  • The driver will not discharge passengers at stops other than their regular bus stop at home or school unless proper authorization from the parents has been provided prior to the change in stop
  • If a child misses their designated bus stop, or a parent/guardian is not there to pick them up at their designated bus stop, the child will be brought back to the school, and it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get them home

Extracurricular and field trips, students shall follow the rules for bus passengers as well as being respectful of the wishes and directions of school appointed chaperones provided for the bus.

Children in kindergarten or grade 1 must have a permission slip signed, stating whether or not the child(ren) is allowed to get off the bus by themselves, or if a parent/guardian must be present before they are dropped off. A permission slip is required for each bus stop the child(ren) are dropped off at (for example, one consent form for their regular stop, and one for their daycare stop).

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their child(ren) follow the rules of the school bus. If a passenger is written up too many times, there is a chance they will be suspended from the bus, and not allowed to board it until their suspension is over. If a passenger is written up, we will reach out by phone call to explain the situation, or by e-mail for more detailed reports.

Lost and Found Protocol

If an item is lost on the bus, please e-mail yellowknife@transdev.com.
For more urgent lost items, such as phones or wallets, please call our office number at 867-873-4693. Any extension is fine, as all staff members will do their best to assist you.

School bus drivers will keep lost items on their bus for up to two weeks so the student may retrieve it, after which, the items will be brought into our office and placed in our lost and found box (lost bus passes will be hung on our bulletin board).

Transit drivers will keep lost items on their bus for the duration of the day, so you may meet with them at any point during their route to retrieve it. At the end of their shift, they will bring the item into our building, where it will be placed into our lost and found box or given to office staff to place in our lockbox.

Parents/passengers are free to walk into our office between 8AM and 5PM to take a look at our lost and found box or our bulletin board, located to the right of our front door. Valuables will be kept in a safe location, so please ask our staff to take a look through it for you.